banner of AASO's Zoom Workshop for Faculty Student Advisers - 'How to Support Your Peers More Effectively'


AASO’s Zoom Workshop for Faculty Student Advisers –
“How to Support Your Peers More Effectively” &
“FSA Quiz Challenge on Academic Advising” (FSA達人挑戰)


As the academic year is coming to an end soon, we wish to gather the student advisers together to consolidate their advising experience and sharpen their peer advising skills. The workshop, “How to Support Your Peers More Effectively”, was held on 21 April 2022 (Thursday) via Zoom. A group of serving Faculty Student Advisers (FSA) joined the workshop and we discussed on advising approaches and skills for different situations. We also demonstrated some ice-breaking game ideas on Zoom, which are especially useful during the pandemic as the peer advisers found it more difficult to engage their advisees.

Before the workshop, AASO launched the “FSA Quiz Challenge on Academic Advising” (FSA達人挑戰) which includes questions about HKU and some academic advising matters commonly asked by the students. The activity not only served to deepen FSAs’ advising knowledge in a fun way, but also remind them about some important information / regulations that they might not know before. Over 30 student advisers participated in the Challenge and most of them got a very good score! Participants earning the Top 10 scores would be rewarded with gifts for their outstanding performance.

The Zoom Workshop started with case studies and some practical tips were suggested in responding to the situations. It was followed by the demonstration of ice-breaking games ideas on Zoom where we were very glad to see the active interaction and participation of the students. Participants were then divided into two groups in the breakout session to share their first-hand advising experience. For example, some difficult advising situations they encountered and how they dealt with it, and some rewarding moments in their advising journey. The idea exchanges and discussion were fruitful. It is impressive to see that our FSAs were eager to improve themselves and would share with each other unreservedly on what they learned through peer advising.

Through this workshop and the Quiz Challenge, student advisers brushed up their knowledge of peer advising and available resources that are useful for their role. Here are some web links of the resources mentioned in the workshop for students’ reference.

We would like to express our appreciation towards the continued support from the student advisers to the HKU academic advising community.