Date: November 10, 2020 (Tuesday)
Time: 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm
Venue: Conducted via ZOOM
Co-organized by the Academic Advising and Scholarships Office and the Scholarships Office

Who was the workshop for?
Undergraduates in all years of study

What was it about?
This online workshop was well attended by over 130 students across various Faculties and different years of studies, providing them with the essential knowledge and skills to enhance the success of their future scholarship applications. Ms Rachel Hong, Acting Head of our Office, and Ms Henrietta Chan, Senior Manager of the Scholarships Office, took participants through the application process from the search to the award of scholarships, and highlighted some critical points along the way to help them avoid common mistakes. Mr Kairos Chu, recipient of the HK Jockey Club Scholarship, and Ms Angel Woo, recipient of the Innovation and Technology Scholarship also shared their first hand experiences in the workshop, particularly on how to file applications and sit for interviews. There was also a Q & A session at the end for addressing individual concerns.

The workshop was well-received by the attendees and many of them found it useful and practical. One participant remarked, “I expected quite a lot of the workshop to be generic, but the presenters and the students clearly knew what was more attributable to common sense, so to say, and instead focused on really insightful points and perspectives that I hadn’t considered. They were really knowledgeable on the topic!”