picture banner of AASO's Zoom Talk on Postgraduate Planning
The talk “An Overview of Postgraduate Education: Benefits, Opportunities and Preparation 2022” was presented by AASO on 31 March 2022 (Thursday) via Zoom. Our guest speaker, Dr. Josephine Jim – Executive Director of AFS Intercultural Exchanges and Chair of Visionary Plus Education Services, shared with the audience on different paths and consideration factors in pursuing postgraduate studies at and beyond HKU. She also gave practical advice and tips for students who are exploring their next academic goal.

Over 110 students from different faculties and years of study attended this comprehensive talk with various topics being covered:

  • Benefits of postgraduate studies
  • Choices in postgraduate studies
  • Types of admission tests
  • Application timeline and preparation
  • Alternatives to postgraduate studies
  • Personal statement and interview tips
  • Impact of COVID-19 and war on higher education

We are very glad to see that students participated in the Q&A session actively by raising good questions and interact enthusiastically with our guest speaker, even in the virtual setting.

Through this talk, we provided students with some guidance and important information for their postgraduate education planning. We hope to clarify some doubts, facilitate better planning and hence ease students’ pressure in their journey of postgraduate application.

If postgraduate degree is one of the paths that you are considering upon graduation but you missed this talk, please email us at ug.advising@hku.hk through your “@connect.hku.hk” email account to get the presentation file by Dr. Jim to recapture some main ideas!