picture banner of Your Studies and Career: What to Consider
The opening online talk “Your Studies and Career: What to Consider” of the Major Minor Week 2021, jointly delivered by AASO and CEDARS (Careers and Placement), was held successfully over ZOOM on 25 January 2021. The event was attended by almost 100 students across various Faculties and different years of studies, many of them came from Year 1.

During the talk, Ms. Rachel Hong, Acting Head of AASO and Ms. Jacqueline Lloyd, Senior Student Advising Officer (Careers), CEDARS provided the participants with the essential knowledge and useful resources for helping them select major/ minor and plan for their future careers wisely. A wide spectrum of practical topics were covered, such as steps to make major / minor selection, points to consider when making study and career choices, planning tools and resources, graduate employment statistics, career prospects, employer expectations, career and internship preparation.

The talk was well-received by the attendees and many of them found it useful and practical. In particular, they appreciated the Speakers’ efforts to help them understand about the relationship between studies and career from different perspectives.