Responsibilities of Advisers

As an Academic Adviser, you are incredibly important in shaping the learning paths of your advisees. You are expected to:

  • Support to students’ transition to the University
  • Clarify requirements of Curriculum / Degree / Major / Professional Core
  • Guide student in developing academic goals and study plan
  • Provide advice on course selections
  • Discuss students’ academic performance and the implication of it to their future plans (career or postgraduate studies)
  • Show concern about students’ academic success
  • Provide information on other available campus resources and support services
  • Make effective referrals to other sources of advice
  • Respect privacy

Responsibilities of Students

As an Advisee, you should understand the relationship between Adviser and Advisee is one of shared responsibility and two-way traffic. You are expected to:

  • Take the initiative to contact your Faculty Academic Adviser (FAA)
  • Familiarize yourself with the requirements of your Curriculum / Degree / Major / Professional Core
  • Be well prepared for each advising meeting by doing these preparations prior to the meeting
    • Think about your educational, personal and career goals
    • Consider your study plan / intended course enrollment for the coming terms and beyond
    • Check the prerequisites for each course you intend to take and consider how they will affect the sequencing of your courses
    • Prepare a list of questions or concerns that you would like to raise with your Adviser
  • Turn up punctually for the scheduled appointment with your Adviser
  • Actively ask questions on matters you do not understand or are confused
  • Accept responsibility for decisions and take ownership of your academic plans