My Academic Roadmap
A year-by-year guide on your learning journey

picture image of My Academic Roadmap

Year One: EXPLORE. How well are you adjusting to university learning? What are your goals? Do you have an academic plan? U life can be overwhelming. Are you using your prioritizing and time management skills well? Year Two: ENGAGE. What study skills did you find most effective and least effective? Are you learning or just making good grades? Do you tend to stay within your comfort zone? Year Three: EXPERIENCE. Are you considering further changes to your study plan? Have you considered the relevant factors? Are you making use of your learning activities to develop skills for your future? You are half-way through your U studies. What else you need to work on to realize your goals? Year Four: EXCEL. Final year is a high stress period. Do you know how to de-stress to maintain overall wellness? Whether you plan to pursue further studies or employment, are you making a well-informed decision? Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? Attend orientations Meet your advisers Understand your curriculum and how to select courses Get familiar with the learning resources at HKU Devise your academic and study abroad plan Explore different study pathways Balance studies, activities and sleep Adiya Yerenova (BSc, Year 1) story Fu Hoi Yiu (BEng, Year 1) story Declare your first major Use Degree Audit to keep track of your studies Try “What If” when selecting minor / second major Review your academic performance Plan for exchange Enrich Your University Life Apply for scholarships Look for experiential learning opportunities in Hong Kong and beyond Tsoi Yat Fei Jeffrey (BSocSc, Year 2) story Cheng Yu Tak Alexzander (BA, Year 2) story Continue to use “Degree Audit” to monitor your progress Spend more time on challenging courses Go on exchange Prepare for graduation: postgraduate studies or work Strengthen out-of-classroom experiences Li Jiawei (BSocSc, Year 3) story Long Feifei (BSc, Year 3) story Final chance to change major/ minor options Check the “Degree Audit” again Work on your capstone / final year project Finalize your postgraduate studies application Apply for jobs and attend interviews Graduate and stay connected with HKU Gan Ruyi (BBA(IS), Year 4) story Ho Mun Kay (BBiomedSc, Year 4) story