What to do during online class

Same as Face to Face Class: Treat online learning as equal to face-to-face classes, only the place is at your home but not in campus Attend class punctually: Try and attend the live lectures rather than recordings. It's easy to slack off.
Don't Lag Behind: Online learning does not mean holidays from learning. Make sure you keep up with the pace of the class Take online lecture seriously: Make sure you are not in a too comfortable environment (like your bed). This can make you over relax, lose focus easily, or simply fall asleep!
Mute your microphone or set up a virtual background so that there would not be embarrassments caused during the ZOOM lessons.

More on what to do during online class

Open other tabs at the same time so when you are in lecture or tutorial, you can refer to materials easily or google faster.Have the lecture notes in front of you or on the other half of the computer screen so you can follow along. Have the lecture notes in front of you or on the other half of the computer screen so you can follow along.
Keep taking notes in different ways: Hand-written, screenshots or even recording! Ask your lecturer for permission if needed! Don't be afraid to interrupt the lecturer if you have a question (which you should always do even in face-to-face lecture).
Participate in the chat box: Ask or answer questions proactively when attending ZOOM lecture. Speak up more in tutorials and engage in discussion: Very often, the class participation marks come from ZOOM discussions.

What to do after online class

Plan your timetable clearly so that you can manage your study better between watching Panopto videos / Zoom lectures and taking rest Be disciplined and don't procrastinate: It is much easier to fall behind when you are studying on your own. Do your study / revision everyday! Self-discipline is the key!
Adjust the speed of recording. You could adjust the speed of your Zoom class recording, for example, set it to 0.7x when you feel the instructor speaks too fast. You could also watch the recording on difficult parts repetitively to ensure you understand it completely. Always print out the course materials or handwrite your own set of notes for better learning experience and motivation for revision.
Don't rely too much on reading the lecture slides online as you will easily end up spending hours on mobile games/ social apps. Do the questions without the slides, save your questions till the end and look for the answers from the slides. Ask for help: Although you are studying in your home, you are not alone. Reach out to your instructors, tutors, peer mentors no matter how small the issue / the question.
Collaboration is key. Join more online study groups and make good use of them. Discussions and collaborations will help you improve and learn from each other!