At HKU, academic advising involves helping students to understand the aims of University education, the culture and ethos of learning, the available educational options and the paths that could be taken so that students can draw their own roadmaps to achieve their goals and monitor their own progress. Academic advising should result in students’ greater satisfaction with their academic experience, better self-understanding and a sense of success in the achievement of personal and academic goals.

To achieve this, the Senate has approved the setting up of a University-wide Academic Advising System and eight recommendations have been made regarding its core values, objectives, implementation and timeline.

Faculty-based Academic Advising

Each Faculty appoints an overall Academic Advising and First Year Experience Coordinator to oversee academic advising in the Faculty; provides a Faculty Academic Adviser (FAA) for every new student; appoints Temporary Academic Adviser (TAA) for each Major and Minor programmes; and in some Faculties, appoints and trains a group of Faculty Student Advisers (FSAs). FSAs have to be in their second year or above, have good academic achievements, good interpersonal and communication skills and a caring attitude towards students. They will work under the supervision of the Faculty Academic Advising and First Year Experience Co-ordinators. All First-year undergraduate students will sign up with/be allocated a Faculty Academic Adviser from whom they can seek advice on different academic issues throughout their studies.

Central Academic Advising

To supplement Faculty advising, AASO is set up to co-ordinate academic advising initiatives, organize adviser training activities and develop advising resources centrally. As general adviser, AASO assists students in understanding the University regulations, course enrolment procedures and academic options.

Residence-based Academic Advising

Each Hall of residence and College appoints senior student residents as Residential Student Advisers (RSAs) to share their university studying experience and ways to strike a balance between hall life and studies with new students.

Web-based Academic Advising

A comprehensive website with academic information and online resources useful to study planning is developed by AASO for students looking for information and guidance. Besides academic advising tools are available in the SIS and in the AASO website for use by students and advisers.