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Student Advisers – A Wealth of Peer Support

The vibrant Student Advising Community @ HKU is an integral part of the Academic Advising Support Network for students. Many students have gained from the peer wisdom of their Faculty Student Advisers (FSAs). See below students’ appreciation, the sharing from FSAs, and how to contact them if you have not yet done so.

To KNOW how FSAs can help

FSAs provide various advice ranging from

  • Adjustment to HKU life,
  • Course selection and workload arrangement,
  • Major minor selection,
  • Sharing on exchange and internship experience,
  • And more …

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To FIND your FSA and/or seek peer advice

To KNOW what FSAs do and learn

AASO has interviewed two FSAs who shared their experience of providing advice and support to their peers. They have also acquired important skills that are beneficial to their personal growth and future development.

Libby, Graduate ( BA )

Amy, Yr. 4 ( BA&BED(LangEd)-Eng )

*All are awardees of the “Credit Award Scheme for Out-of-Classroom Learning Experiences” in 2020


Many students are very grateful for the help of their FSAs and have left them some thank you messages. You can also (i) post a thank you note on our electronic noticeboard or (ii) send your FSA an ecard directly today.

E-cards to thank Advisers