• Dear FSA, Thanks for your altruistic dedication! 😀 Anson

  • Dear Melody, Thanks for the support and help that you offered me in the academic years. Hope that our friendship continues and meet you soon! Kit

  • Dear Kyle, Thanks a lot for your academic advice! They really benefits a lot 🙂 Kokomi

  • Dear Ma and Zhu, Thank you for your guidance! Johnson

  • Dear Andy, You were instrumental in helping me make up my mind about my academic choices. I Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Vyshnav

  • Dear Johnson, Thank you so much for providing all the help and suggestions throughout my university life, on studies, courses selection, academic advice, exchange applications, internship applications, etc… I really appreciate your help and kindness. Best, Mark

  • Dear Johnson, Thank you so much for your suggestions! Your suggestions really help me choose my favourite majors! Alexandra

  • My FSA gave me insights about possible options in senior years e.g. exams for professionals, postgraduates. (Johnson)


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