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Welcome to AASO

University education is a very special journey in your life where you study, experience and grow. AASO is here to guide you in navigating the journey and support you throughout your studies at HKU. Check out the information and tools prepared for you here or make an appointment to meet our advisers!

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Photo of AASO Friend Club
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Leap into HKU: Direct Admissions Journey

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Advising “Chat and Share” – Bridging the Gap: from Secondary to Tertiary Education

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Study Tips on Time Management and Workload Planning

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HKU Terminology 101

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Academic Advising Forum @ Moodle

HKU understands the importance of raising well-rounded students, and promotes different clubs, provides opportunities and supports initiatives of students. The AASO website provides all of the information that a student can have, and offers one-on-one consultation for further assistance.

Thanks to my course mates and the advisers from AASO, they always try their best to accompany me. They make my college journey more enjoyable and smoother. Whenever I need advice and encouragement, they are the ones I seek help and assistance. Whenever I feel scared, they always listen to me when I am yelling or in trouble. Whenever I feel puzzled, they guide me like a GPS orienting me along the way.

There is so much more to share about university life. If you have any questions about university life, I would like to recommend AASO, where I have had many of my questions clarified.

I also intent to pursue research postgraduate studies and all the talks/ seminars organized by the University have been extremely informative. I want to thank HKU and the AASO for offering me so much help and useful advice throughout my study.