How to Use SIS

If you are new to HKU, please take a look at the Student’s Guide to the SIS for you to become familiar with the system. You may also refer to some reference materials and FAQ on SIS.

How to Enroll and Add/drop Courses

Students should do their course selection (in August) and course add/drop (at the start of semester) through SIS.

You may refer to the quick guide for detailed procedures. You may also take a look at the common enquiries on using SIS for course enrollment if you encounter any technical difficulties.

If you have further enquiry concerning SIS, please contact ITS Service Desk.

How to Check Course Information

You can visit the “Course Information” section in SIS for learning more about your interested courses, such as assessment methods and other important information.

The navigation is: HKU Portal -> My Page -> SIS Menu -> Enrollment -> Course Information

screenshot of Course Information

How to Check Enrollment Statistics

ITS provides real-time enrollment statistics to Common Core course and Core University English course only.

How to Find Classrooms

Know the meaning of the abbreviations of the classrooms to help you find their location.

HKU Map - Classrooms, Learning Space & Key Study Support Units @HKU; - Learning Space for Individual and Group Studies; - Key Support Units Studies & Outside Classroom Learning; - Classrooms; - For a comprehensive HKU map, please go to: