The first meeting with your advisees is a good opportunity for you to offer key information about the nature, responsibilities and goals of the advising relationship. During the first meeting, you may wish to:

Points to note

  • Explain your role as Faculty Academic Adviser – what your advisees can expect from you and what you will expect of them. It is important for your advisees to be clear about the rights and responsibilities of both advisers and advisees and the professional nature of the advising relationship.
  • Inquire with your advisees about their academic backgrounds, goals and interests. This information will help you better understand your advisees and in turn facilitate you in providing appropriate advice on course enrollment, major / minor selections, and your advisees’ long term academic plans.
  • Discuss the course enrollments of your advisees and discuss whether their study plans fit their academic goal.
  • Remind your advisees the important dates of their studies, such as add/drop periods, and explain the key features of their curricula (especially if they are freshmen).
  • Introduce your advisees the available resources for academic planning, such as AASO, this academic advising website and your Faculty website.
  • Let your advisees know your contact information, such as your telephone number, your email and your office hours.

Other possible discussion topics

What they would like to discuss and get out of the advising meeting
The reason for choosing the study programme in which they are now enrolled
Their non-academic background (e.g., extracurricular activities)
Their personal and career goals
The major they intend to declare
The effort they are expected to pay to their studies in order to achieve good grades
How study at University is different from that of secondary school
Tips on study skills
Awareness of other campus resources