Due to the adoption of online learning mode from September 1-21, 2020 (and “dual” mode thereafter), the University gives all undergraduate students the special assessment option of pass/fail grading and late drop in semester 1, 2020-21.

The choice of pass/fail grading brings the obvious benefit of excluding from GPA calculation the course in which you have less confidence. However, there are also some DOWNSIDES, some of them very significant in particular situation, which you must consider very carefully before making your decision.

Impact of Pass/Fail Grading Option on HONOURS CLASSIFICATION For most UG programmes, HKU has an honours classification system (first-class, second-class “division one or division two”, third-class honours) informed by the GPA system. A student will graduate with a pass degree only (i.e. no honours) if his/her GGPA is below 1.7.
To graduate with honours, a regular student has to complete at least HALF of credits of graduation requirement of a degree curriculum in LETTER-GRADE through study at HKU, e.g. at least 120 letter-graded credits in a standard 4-year curriculum requiring 240 credits, regardless of whether they get any advanced standing due to IB, GCE A-level etc. Credits transferred from exchange studies are not regarded as letter-graded credits. A student with fewer than half the total credits letter-graded will normally be awarded a PASS DEGREE only with NO HONOURS CLASSIFICATION. Students admitted through Direct Admissions Scheme or with Advanced Standing should be particularly cautious.