banner of 'Meet and Chat' for Study Success among 130 New and Senior DAS Students

The workshop “‘Meet and Chat’ for Study Success 2022 – For Direct Admissions Scheme (DAS) Students” was held successfully via ZOOM on 29 July 2022. Almost 130 new HKU entrants, admitted through the Direct Admissions Scheme across different Faculties and programmes, joined this online welcoming session enthusiastically.

Ms Rachel Hong, Head of the AASO expressed a warm welcome to all the new students and guest speakers at the beginning of the workshop. During the workshop, Dr Jack Tsao, Associate Director of the Common Core Office, Ms. Cherie Lau, Programme Manager of International Affairs Office, Professor Samson Tse, Dean of Student Affairs, Mr. Jacky Li, Assistant Service Manager of Fung Ping Shan Library under the Libraries and, Ms. Alice Yeung, Administrative Assistant of the Academic Advising and Scholarships Office shared with participants the tips on how to make the most of their university journey with a great start. A wide range of topics were covered in this workshop, such as the skills essential to navigate university study, essence of Common Core courses, planning of study abroad options and student support services of CEDARS and the Libraries.

Eight concurrent breakout online ZOOM sessions, led by 12 passionate senior DAS students, came after the presentation by University units. In order to facilitate a relevant and pragmatic discussion, participants could join the one which was hosted by the seniors of their own programme. As reflected in the evaluation survey, the workshop had helped many new DAS students to learn more about academic planning and campus resources, and they would recommend this workshop to new DAS students in future.