picture banner of Major Minor Week 2023 Banner

“Major Minor Week 2023” was held successfully on campus from 16 – 20 January 2023. Throughout the week, we engaged around 220 students through the opening talk, different sharing sessions and the pop up advising booths. “Major Minor Week 2023” brought together the Faculty administrative staff, AASO Advisers and students from various Faculties. It offered a chance for the students to obtain advice and information on major/minor selection.

To kick start the week, we were most delighted to have the continued support from CEDARS (Careers and Placement Section) in cohosting the informative opening talk “Your Studies and Career: What to Consider?”. In the faculty-based sharing sessions spread across the week, senior students from various majors/minors shared their first-hand experience towards the subject and their decision making process in the form of Q&A breakout session. Faculty Offices’ staff also addressed students’ questions regarding policies and regulations while AASO Advisers highlighted on online tools and advising resources for selecting majors/minors. Common Core Office and its student representatives also joined us as the latest addition to our sharing sessions, introducing the Transdisciplinary Minors/Clusters.

During the week, we also launched our very first pop up advising booths in the public area for students to seek personalized advice from AASO Advisers based on their own study progress. Students could discuss with our advisers on issues not limited to major/minor selection, but also any topics related to academic planning e.g. setting academic goals, developing academic plans and finding learning support. This also served the purpose of raising students’ awareness about our one on one consultation service with the AASO Advisers.

We received positive feedbacks from students about the “Major Minor Week 2023”, saying that this has assisted them in making informed academic decisions in university study. See you next year!