The Essentials of Academic Advising @ HKU

Date: October 7, 2020 (Wednesday)
Time: 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm
Venue: Conducted via ZOOM

About the Workshop
Designed for academic and academic-related staff who support and advise students in learning, the workshop aimed to provide the participants with student advising needs, features of the University Academic Advising System, advising tips, experience sharing and demonstration of resources.

Post-workshop Highlights
This Zoom workshop brought together teachers and academic-related staff from the 10 Faculties, CAES, Library and other offices to learn more about the academic advising support network and share best practices.

In particular, we were very grateful to have Miss Nicole Tavares, Faculty Academic Adviser of the Faculty of Education, sharing with us her experience as a Faculty Academic Adviser. Not only did Nicole help us reflect on the multiple roles of academic advisers, but she also gave us a lot of creative ideas to meet individual students’ needs as well as inspiring insights into relationship building between the adviser and advisee.

In the workshop, Rachel also covered a wide range of issues in academic advising, from changes in the University Academic Advising System, student needs, early alert mechanism, advising resources to practical tips in line with the developmental advising approach adopted at HKU.

This is a challenging semester especially for the first-year students who have to adjust to online learning, on top of many university transition issues. Your encouragement and guidance will be critical to their learning and growth. Interested colleagues are welcome to view the video recording and contact us should there be questions, comments or further information needed.

Workshop videos:

By Ms Rachel Hong, Acting Head, AASO

By Miss Nicole Tavares, Faculty Academic Adviser, Faculty of Education

By Mr Nelson Chau, Administrative Assistant, AASO