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“Planning for study abroad workshop 2023” co-hosted with International Affairs Office

The Planning for Study Abroad workshop, jointly organized by AASO and the International Affairs Office (IAO), was a resounding success. Held on October 25, 2023 at Rayson Huang Theatre, the workshop attracted an impressive turnout of around 200 students. It was heartening to see a full house of participants in a face-to-face workshop.

Ms. Evelyn Lo from AASO and Ms. Cherie Lau from the IAO. Ms. Lau covered an extensive array of topics that students often have concerns about when applying for study abroad opportunities, , including the various programmes offered and and the academic planning aspect of incorporating the experience into a student’s university learning journey. Two senior year students from different study abroad programmes shared their personal exchange experiences in the United Kingdom and Japan. Their planning tips and challenges were found to be practical and pragmatic by the participants.