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Topics on Major Minor Selection

When guiding your advisees, you may check if they have taken actions in the following areas to make a well-considered choice.

1: Have they reflected on their interests, strengths and goals?
You may guide your advisees to reflect on their learning experience, list out their study strengths and interests, and give thoughts to their academic and/or career goals. This helps your advisees to have a better understanding of themselves which forms the foundation of major minor exploration. If you advisees would like to seek further career advice, you can refer them to meet with Advisers in CEDARS (Careers and Placement).

2: Are they aware of available major minor options?
You can refer your advisees to AASO’s List of Majors by Faculties/Subjects and List of Minors by Faculties/Subjects. The pages provide the general information and pre-requisite requirements of available major minor options.

3: How well they know about the majors / minors?
Encourage your advisees to gather accurate information and understanding of the subject themselves:

  1. Check the course requirements of their potential majors / minors, and get more information by looking into department websites, or course details of available majors/minors information on HKU app “Courses@HKU”.
  2. If they are not sure of the academic focus and demand of a subject/discipline, they can seek further advice from Temporary Academic Advisers (TAA) who are current teachers of different subjects assigned to advise students from home and non-home Faculties.

4: Do they know the implication of their choices on studies?
To help them make an achievable academic plan, you can suggest your advisees to use the “What If” function in Degree Audit to project study loads of different major/minor scenarios for further review before deciding. If your advisees need further support, please feel free to refer them to AASO.

Make the Most of AASO’s “Major Minor Week” Activities

AASO will host a talk on studies and career and Faculty-based sharing sessions on ZOOM between Jan 25 (Monday) and Jan 29 (Friday). Through the events, your advisees can attain a better understanding on the relationship between studies and career, and raise their questions with relevant Faculty administrative staff and senior students for advice. Click here for programme details and registration.