In April, we conducted a survey which received 843 replies from UG students. As indicated below, the major concerns that students wish to receive guidance from advisers are:

image bar chart of Online Survey Results

Apart from the above, management of group projects is also tough. Other than the difficulty to meet, students who plan to get letter grading are frustrated when group mates opt for Pass/Fail and are not making as much effort.

The uncertainty related to COVID-19 pandemic worldwide gives rise to further anxieties over how to complete internship requirement, whether or not exchange will go on, how to find research opportunities, as well as postgraduate study planning.

If you spot these issues among your advisees/students, especially those who are already struggling in their studies, reach out as early as possible to help and give them encouragement. AASO has some planning tools (see GPA calculator) and online study tips (see Study Tips from AASO & AASO Friends). For specific matters, students may be referred to responsible offices for more advice.