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Support on Online Teaching and Learning from AASO

The COVID-19 pandemic and the online mode of teaching and learning have brought significant challenges to every one of us. To support online teaching, AASO has recently developed some tools and tips to strengthen your connection with students and make your virtual classes more effective:

10 Advising Tips for Faculty Academic Advisers During Online Teaching & Learning

Based on our observation and the feedback we collected from teachers and students, a list of practical tips has been compiled for spicing up your advising work during online teaching and learning period. We hope you will find them useful and helpful, particularly when you need to advise first year students. (more)

Simple Guide of Using Instant Messages in ZOOM and Microsoft Teams

We understand that many teachers would like to make good use of the popular mobile instant messaging function to create a conducive environment for effective advising relationship, but have concern over the use of personal account. In this connection, we have created a simple guide on how to use individual and group instant messaging functions in ZOOM and Microsoft Teams to connect with individual advisee and/or group of advisees. The steps are very simple. Let’s give it a try today! (more)

Advising Service as Usual

AASO continues to provide one-on-one advising to students during the COVID-19 via TELEPHONE, WHATSAPP PHONE and ZOOM. Students can make appointment with us at https://booking.aas.hku.hk/. For enquiries and quick questions, apart from emails, students can also WhatsApp us at 852-9500 9880. Please refer your students to us if deemed appropriate.

We have recently revamped our website (https://aas.hku.hk) which has adopted a more effective design to make navigation easier and information search faster. Please check out our range of online advising resources there and stay tuned to our emails on more resources! For enquiries, please contact us at ug.advising@hku.hk / 852-3917 0128.