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Planning Tools for Major Minor Selection

Your advisees can make use of the following tools and platforms for seeking peer advice and study planning.

AASO Database of Student Advisers in Different Majors/ Minors
For peer experience sharing, your advisees can visit AASO database of student advisers in different majors/ minors on AASO website. Students Advisers in the Database are happy to share their study experience with students interested in their majors/minors.

AASO Academic Planning Sheet
To draft their study plans, your advisees may make use of the planning sheet designed for different curriculum structures. Advisees can also review the requirements on the document, such as study load, language requirements etc. You could provide further advice and comments how their objectives could be achieved with the plans.

“What If” Function in Degree Audit
Introduce to your advisees the “What if” system in Degree Audit in SIS (Navigation: HKU Portal > My Page > SIS Menu > Academic Records > My Degree Audit)
It shows how advisees’ current course attainment applies to changes in major/minor, and enables students to project study loads and courses needed based on different major/minor scenarios. The demonstration video can be retrieved here.

Seeking Further Advice
Temporary Academic Adviser (TAA):
TAA are current teachers assigned to advise students from home and non-home Faculties. Students can request for more than one TAA as necessary to help them learn more specific information about a subject. Students can request a TAA with the following steps

  1. Log in to HKU Portal
  2. On “My Page”, click “Request Temporary Adviser” on the left-hand side menu under “Self Services”

AASO Academic Advisers:
For issues related to university regulations, academic planning and cross-Faculty learning opportunities, students can arrange one-on-one meeting through AASO Online Booking System.