Dr Simon Wong Kam-Kee

photo of our supporters - Dr Simon Wong Kam-KeeDr Simon Wong Kam-Kee 王淦基 (MBBS 1960) came from a working-class family – his father was an ice-cream hawker – and he had the double disadvantage of going to school during war when there were no proper schools. He knew absolutely no English when he entered secondary school. However, he worked hard and excelled in his studies, receiving an offer from the HKU Faculty of Medicine in 1955. But here, his achievements collided with the realities of his life.

His family was unable to support him going to university, but he got a helping hand from a former neighbour, Dr Teng Pin- hui 鄧炳輝 (MBBS 1938). Dr Teng gave Dr Wong a much-needed break by helping him to secure the Nemazee Donor Scholarship, which covered most of his basic expenses.

Dr Wong continued to live at his very crowded home until he had earned enough by tutoring to enter Ricci Hall. In his final year of studies, various scholarships and loans he received freed him from financial worries. He was able to realise his full potential and graduated at the top of his class. He was also awarded a prize for the highest standing in the final-year exam.

Like the cream used to make his father wares, Dr Wong started out at the bottom and rose to the top, but his memories of those days still remain fresh. They have compelled him to do what he can to help other students avoid unnecessary hardship. He has made several donations to HKU over the years, including to the new Springboard Scholarships. “I support this scholarship because I hope eligible and ambitious young people can have an easier journey than I had,” he said.

(Source:Medical Faculty News Vol.19)