A Life-changing Experience

icon of A Life-changing ExperienceThe “Five ‘Must-dos’ in University” are “Studying, Living in Halls, Becoming a Member of An Executive Committee, Doing Part-time Job and Dating” (大學五件事: 讀書, 住Hall, 上莊, 兼職, 拍拖), many students said. Yet few of those 5 things are really academic related. It is common for freshmen to ‘get lost’ in University, sometimes you really just don’t know what you should do. Students struggle with course selection, career prospect, GPA, etc., and most of them tend to look for answers just from their peers, who might not have a clear understanding of your particular situation, or might simply be too busy to listen to you. I was once lost, and I knew that it was meaningless to keep asking my friends, my seniors, and pray for some good feedback.

A Life-changing Experience

I have decided to give academic advising a try. It may sound a bit exaggerated, but I would say academic advising is life-changing. Not only did I map out my academic plan with my academic adviser for the first semester in year 1, we have also discussed future career prospect, exchange opportunities, and luckily I could even share my experiences in another language course with my adviser since she speaks that language as well!

With the help of academic advising, I was able to have a splendid semester and passed with flying colours!

Some students might say that they have no problem with studying and academic advising is unnecessary. Some might even discourage other students from meeting with their advisers. I hold a different view because, from my adviser, I know that academic advising involves much more than just coping with studies. Academic advising has made a difference in my university life, and I am sure I am not the only one who has benefited by that. Salute to all advisers!

Arnold Chiu | Year 1 (2014-15)
Bachelor of Science