Message from VP and PVC (Teaching and Learning)

Academic advising is at the heart of HKU’s teaching and learning culture. Alongside the many other kinds of advice sought by undergraduate students, all of which are valuable, we hold firm to the view that some advice should be academic. For many students, academic advice may be available from a professor known through class or through an off-campus learning experience. Again we value that. At the same time, though, we are determined to ensure every student has access to solid academic advice, and for that reason we created the academic advising system several years ago.

Message from VP and PVCThe core of the system is academic advice provided through faculties and departments. We aim to form this adviser-advisee relationship right at the start of every student’s learning journey at HKU. Indeed, freshmen will ideally meet their academic adviser very soon after registration. But even if an early start is not possible, the academic adviser can still help a student think through more general issues such as enhancing learning skills, and making the most of HKU’s many off-campus learning opportunities. As the second semester will soon commence, it is a good time for students to review their academic progress with their academic advisers and seek advice on specific matters like study skills, course selection during the add/drop period and choosing majors and minors.

We also provide academic advice through additional channels. Students are welcome to call by the Academic Advising and Scholarships Office at any time. They can request a meeting with a professor in a distant discipline through a temporary advising arrangement. They can take advantage of the academic advising offered through HKU’s residential halls and colleges.

The entire system could not function without the dedicated engagement of professors throughout HKU, the outstanding daily support offered by the AASO team, and the oversight provided by colleagues sitting on the Academic Advising Committee. My sincere thanks to them all – and also to the students who, by making full use of the academic advising system, ensure its long-term sustainability.

Professor Ian Holliday
VP and PVC (Teaching & Learning)