Wise Words . Inspiring . As Always

icon of Wise Words . Inspiring . As AlwaysGetting used to a new environment is always difficult for freshmen like me. A sudden change of atmosphere may sometimes make me feel hard to breathe. Struggling amidst anxiety, I was glad to meet my Faulty Academic Adviser.

Wise Words . Inspiring . As Always

Studying Chinese Medicine is extremely challenging for people who know very little about ancient Chinese philosophy, for instance, the Five Movements (金木水火土) and the Yin-Yang theory (陰陽). Although I have studied one more year of associate degree, I thought I was still a rookie who just made the first step towards the field of Chinese Medicine which has a deep and profound history. Everything was going left until the day I received the email from my adviser.

In that afternoon we met, (to be honest) I felt it was quite awkward to tell my difficulty to a man I just got to know. Fortunately, he did not force me to talk a lot, he played an active role instead. “The best way to learn is to stay closely involved.” What he said made me feel he could read my mind — this is the first impression I have for him.

Time flies. Finally it is the end of year 1. We did not meet very frequently (4 times in total), but when we did, he provided the guidance I need. From time to time, he sent me messages to ask about my academic progress. This summer, he bought me a book《中國哲學簡史》— I have finished more than half and it triggers me to read more. Moreover, he had offered me referrals of learning Tai Chi (太極) when I asked. These are just a few examples of those supports he has given me this year. When I was anxious about my academic performance, he reminded me “More haste, Less speed” (欲速則不達). Wise words. Inspiring, as always. Therefore, here I must convey my gratitude to my adviser for his guidance throughout this year.

Louis Wong | Year 1 (2014-15)
Bachelor of Chinese Medicine