Postgraduate Studies Checklist

To help you consolidate the result of your reflection and research, please use this checklist to review your planning on postgraduate studies. Please tick the checkbox according to your current status. Click here to download the pdf version.

1 Do you enjoy studying?      
2 Have you identified the primary motivation for your postgraduate study?      
3 Are you fully aware of the level of commitment (spending more studying time than now) required to undertake postgraduate studies?      
4 Are you self-disciplined enough to read more journals and complete more demanding assignments and dissertations in a tight schedule?      
5 Have you identified the specific field/subject for your postgraduate study?      
6 Have you identified the potential graduate schools (overseas and/or local)?      
7 Have you met all the academic requirements (and working experience, if applicable) of your preferred course(s) and graduate school(s)?      
8 If you have not met all the academic requirements, do you have the action plan to fulfill them before application deadline?      
9 Have you considered the pros and cons of different study modes (e.g. full-time, part-time, mixed and online)?      
10 Have you considered the cost (e.g. income, course fee, living expenditure …)?      
11 Have you sourced the funding source (e.g. family, scholarship, government financial assistance/loan, etc.)?      
12 Have you considered the return on investment (both short term and long term) of your postgraduate study?      
13 Can postgraduate studies help you make an entry to your target career?      
14 Will postgraduate studies help advance your development in the career field?      
15 Is the qualification (if applicable) recognized by your future employers and government?      
16 Have you checked the reputation and industrial connections of the programme offering department?      
17 Have you checked the graduation statistics of the programme(s)?      
18 Have you discussed your further study plan with your family?      
19 If applicable, have you checked the feedback of the programme(s) with the graduate(s) and/or previous student(s)?      

If most of the answers are “YES”, it means you have already had a concrete planning on your postgraduate study. If you choose “NO” or “UNCERTAIN” in some of the statements, please approach your Faculty Academic Adviser or Academic Advising and Scholarships Office’s Academic Adviser for advice.