Ask yourself why?

While many students regard postgraduate studies rewarding and fruitful, it is important for you to ascertain why you want to do it—this realization forms the very basis of making other related decisions.

Career related

  • Some postgraduate studies will give you the essential qualification for your intended career, e.g. MSocSci in Clinical Psychology. Some will help you change to a new career direction, e.g. non-BSW students pursuing Master of Social Work.
  • Some students want to do postgraduate studies because they think it helps them compete with other job applicants. This is especially so when the economy looks dim and job market becomes fierce.

Foundation for entering the Academia

  • Some students want to pursue a master degree, as the first step of their pursuit of a doctoral degree, and possibly a future career as an academic.

Personal fulfillment

  • Some students do postgraduate studies because they want to learn more in their interested area; or just because they do not want to work so soon and want to prolong their student life.

There is no right or wrong on these considerations. It would however be advisable for you to consult relevant parties (e.g. CEDARS-The Careers and Placement Section) in case of doubt.

Are you academically ready?

It goes without saying that postgraduate education is academically more challenging than undergraduate studies. You may wish to consider the following:

  • Is your academic result good enough for postgraduate studies?
  • Do you have the academic writing skills for postgraduate studies?
  • Do you have the literature review skills for doing research?
  • Can you handle the workload of postgraduate studies?
  • Do you have the determination to commit yourself to postgraduate studies?
  • Do you have the organization skills/time management skills for doing your own research?

If you are not sure of the above, talk to your Academic Adviser.