picture of super pass 2022

AASO wishes you a super pass!

Time flies and there are only a few days left before this semester concludes.

While you are working hard for your assignments, presentations or exams, you may wish to revisit some online study and exam strategies shared by senior students (https://aas.hku.hk/online-advice/#tab-id-3) for a good performance.

Meanwhile, should you need any academic support, please contact your Faculty Academic Adviser (FAA) (https://aas.hku.hk/steps-student/) as soon as possible for a chat. You may also learn from other students on exam preparation by posting on the Academic Advising Discussion Forum (https://moodle.hku.hk/course/view.php?id=77388).

Eat well, rest well and study smart! Good luck and have a Super Pass!