Ms June Leung Ho-Ki (BA 1989), one of the co-founders of Beacon College, started out at the bottom and rose to the top. Coming from a working-class family, her father was a construction sub-contractor while her mother was a seamstress.

Ms Leung was the first in her family to enter university. She aspired to be a lawyer but decided to finish her degree in Translation first as she felt the Chinese language would grow in importance with Hong Kong’s return to China. However, tragedy hit after she finished her first degree. “The news that my father’s state of health was deteriorating came just when I received an offer letter from the HKU Faculty of Law. Without a second thought I tore the letter in half, determined to earn more by tutoring so I could help to pay for his medical expenses.”

“I believe the last days that I spent with my father are the most precious asset that he left me. It is a hidden blessing that makes me understand the importance of treasuring the time you have.”

As an Arts alumna herself, Ms Leung, who turned her fortunes around and became a famous tutor, would like to give a boost to Arts students. In October 2014, she made a donation to HKU to set up the “June Leung Scholarships for Arts Students“. She hopes to encourage Arts students to attain all-round development and inculcate them with a sense of service to society.

Mar 2015

Photo of Ms June Leung Ho-Ki