Property development is not a typical sector for an Arts graduate, but Ms Wendy Gan Kim-See (BA 1987), the executive director of a major property developer, made the transition with seeming ease – helped in no small part by her Arts degree. She said one of the keys to her success was that she brought a different perspective to the table from that of other industry professionals. “I tend to think from the end-user’s point of view. I think that that different approach comes from having done an Arts degree.”

Ms Gan has used her many talents to support HKU, including previously serving as Convocation Chairperson and sitting on the University Council. She also found the connection with her alma mater helped her to cope with a period of upheaval when her sister passed away from cancer. It was in her sister’s memory that she set up the Anissa Gan Scholarships for Arts Students Worldwide Exchange to create an enduring legacy that would give students the opportunity to open their minds and see what other cultures are like.

She hopes other alumni will be inspired to give back to HKU in any way they can. “I think alumni can give back in many ways. I started off giving my time. When I could afford it, I made a donation,” she said.

(Source: Faculty of Arts Newsletter Autumn 2014 Issue)

Dec 2014

Photo of Ms Wendy Gan Kim-See
Photo of Ms Wendy Gan Kim-See