Every year, Microsoft Technical Recognition Awards honor those who have redefined how work is done both at Microsoft and in their industry. Electrical and Electronic Engineering alumnus, Dr Harry Shum (沈向洋) (MPhil 1991), was awarded the 2014 Outstanding Technical Leadership Award for his transformative impact on Search Development at Bing, the search engine.

The Bing search quality team was struggling when Dr Shum first joined it in 2007. In a relatively short time, he had spearheaded a series of science and engineering enhancements that would turn Bing into a viable consumer alternative with a rapidly increasing search query share in the U.S. Under Dr Shum’s leadership, Bing has transformed into a very high-quality search engine comparable to Google and with differentiating features.

Dr Shum never forgets what he learnt at his alma mater and from his former supervisor and mentor, Professor Tso Shiu Kit (曹紹傑). To pay tribute to Professor Tso who has retired, Dr Shum generously designated the award money to HKU for the establishment of the Tso Shiu Kit Scholarship at the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

September 2014

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