In Kam Tin of Yuen Long lies a historic walled village, Kat Hing Wai (吉慶圍). The walls enclosing it were built by the Tang Clan (鄧氏), one of the five biggest clans to take up residence in the New Territories, to protect the villagers from enemies. The walls were partly destroyed and the entrance iron gates seized by the British army during the occupation in 1899. In later decades, a notable member of the Tang clan, Mr Tang Pak-Kau (鄧伯裘, 1876-1950) petitioned the British government to return the gates.

In memory of Mr Tang Pak-Kau, his grandson Mr Tang Chap-In (鄧集賢) left a bequest to support education and charities in 2007. The “Tang Pak Kau Scholarship” (鄧伯裘獎學教育基金) was set up at HKU in support of student scholarships and learning outside the classroom activities.

Photo source: Discover Hong Kong

April 2014

Photo of Kat Hing Wai