In an act inspired by the founders of Chong Gene Hang College (張振興伉儷書院), an anonymous donor contributed over HK$1 million to HKU to set up a scholarship for the students of his alma mater.

From a young age, the donor was moved by the generosity of Mr & Mrs Chong Gene Hang, who dedicated their life savings from laundry business to establish a secondary school, where future generations would be given an education that the couple themselves had not been privileged to receive.

Throughout the years, the Scholarships have not only encouraged students of the Chong Gene Hang College to pursue a tertiary education, but also made a moral impact on the students and alumni.

“A giving tradition has taken root. Many alumni have indeed been motivated by this generous deed and made donations to our school”, the Principal of the College shared.

November 2013

Photo of Chong Gene Hang College