The “Chui’s Student Excellence Scheme” (徐氏卓越學生計劃) was established to encourage and enable outstanding HKU students to fulfil their potential and excel through engaging in international competitions, overseas academic conferences, and initiating service-learning projects.

This is the first scheme of its kind at a university-wide level and was made possible with the generosity of Mr Chui Wai-Kwan (徐維均), a renowned master chef and a staunch supporter of the University who, in 2008, also contributed towards the establishment of the “Chui Fook-Chuen Professorship in Molecular Medicine” in his father’s name.

‘Resources are very important to student development, thus I am more than happy to contribute and help the students to realise their dreams’, said Mr Chui.

The donation was made in memory of his late mother, and on the occasion of the establishment of his new restaurant “Seventh Son” (家全七福),for which he also encouraged his friends to donate to HKU in lieu of sending flowers and hampers.

As a token of thanks, Vice-Chancellor Professor Lap-Chee Tsui thoughtfully designed an illustration of a seven-fold fortune symbol (七福圖像), which is ingeniously derived from the well-known structure of molecular chaperones (份子伴侶), as a gift for Mr Chui.

September 2013

Photo of Chui’s Student Excellence Scheme
Photo of Chui’s Student Excellence Scheme