After graduation, a history alumnus Mr Lam Sum-chee achieved a high level of success as one of the first generation of financial analysts in Hong Kong.

As a poor boy coming from Tung Tau Estate, Mr Lam’s life completely changed when he was admitted to HKU and was able to finish his studies, thanks to the full bursary he received from the University.

“I could spend a lifetime repaying the bursary I received during my days at HKU, and that would still not be enough”, said Mr Lam.

Through his personal experience, he knows that education can be a fundamental way to help people out of poverty, and he believes the life-changing opportunity he received should be available to all students for them to change their own lives and destiny.

For this reason, he has set up a number of scholarships and bursaries at HKU since 1986, all of which are based on the theme of “Evergreen Scholarships“. He hopes to encourage the younger generation to develop their full potential during their years at university by instilling in them a sense of vision, and a feeling of responsibility for the community.

When he first heard about the “Turn $1 to Five” Campaign, Mr Lam agreed without hesitation to be a matcher for the Campaign. Through his donation, which will form the “Evergreen Scholarships and Bursaries” and will perpetually benefit future generations at HKU, he hopes other donors will be persuaded to contribute to the Campaign and further support HKU students.

October 2012

Picture of Mr Lam Sum Chee
Mr Lam Sum Chee (right) helped to repair a village road during his studies at HKU