This year ten HKU students were awarded an Innovation and Technology Scholarship to help them in pursuing their passion in science and technology. The scholarships support and encourage them to participate in overseas/Mainland institutes’ programmes, service projects and mentorship programmes, opening them up to opportunities and connections in their pursuit of an IT career.

Dental student Annette Ng (BDS V) sees many individuals with unmet dental needs. She said clinical teaching was suspended during COVID-19 pandemic, which delayed patients’ treatments. She saw how it shed light on the need of telehealth. With the scholarship, she looks forward to visiting dental schools overseas, delving deeper into the application of nanoparticles, as well as digital health such as intraoral scanners. The scholarship will open up numerous opportunities to her, including alumni networks and local internships, allowing her to co-operate with and learn from like-minded people who also have great passion in innovation and technology.

Longing for overseas opportunities, Travis Chan (MBBS II), a student from Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, wishes to be a neurosurgeon. He will use the scholarship to fund his activities in the enrichment year. Excited to learn more about innovation in the surgical field, he is planning to head to major university-associated hospitals in California as well as Mainland China to perform research in neurosurgery. He thinks these are great opportunities to learn more about the field and compare how different healthcare systems function, which will definitely help him in his dream of becoming a neurosurgeon one day.

As a Biomedical Sciences student (BBiomedSc III), Alice Lee’s long-term goal is to conduct meaningful research alongside working as a doctor, to maximise the people who her contributions could help. This scholarship pushes her to reflect on the feasibility and steps to take on her desired career path. Of all the aspects of the Scholarship, the exchange of values and being able to get experience are the most valuable to her, as she believes they will help her to see clearer what her dream is, how she is going to achieve it, and where she wants to position herself.

The Innovation and Technology Scholarship, jointly supported and sponsored by the Innovation and Technology Commission and HSBC, is awarded to twenty-five undergraduates each year.

June 2022

Group photo about Award Presentation Ceremony of Innovation and Technology Scholarship 2022