The Standard Chartered Hong Kong 150th Anniversary Community Foundation (SCF) has committed HK$60 Million to establish the HKU-SCF FinTech Academy which will leverage the combined strength of academics and industry to enhance the way FinTech is taught, researched, and innovated, and to make a sustainable impact on the financial services sectors of Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area. The Academy, launched in April 2020, is hosted by the Department of Computer Science of the Faculty of Engineering and supported by the Faculty of Law and the HKU Business School.

Talent Development

Following the success of its multi-disciplinary Bachelor of Arts and Sciences (BASc) in FinTech, two Masters programmes have been introduced. The Master of Science in Computer Science (Financial Computing Stream) focuses on the study of data and algorithms used in finance and the mathematics of computer programmes that realise financial models. The Master of Science in Financial Technology and Data Analytics offers a thorough study of not just financial technology but also critical awareness of ethical and regulatory constraints. The newly established HKU-SCF Scholarships include the first ever “full scholarships” in FinTech, each at HK$200,000, to local undergraduate students on the basis of academic merit as well as the “entrance scholarships”, each at HK$50,000, for undergraduate and postgraduate students. A total of 12 students benefited from these scholarships in the academic year 2020/21.

“HKU has first-class FinTech research teams across the faculties of engineering, law, and business and economics, working in areas including blockchain, cybersecurity, regulatory technology, AI and big data analytics.”

Professor Xiang Zhang, President and Vice-Chancellor, The University of Hong Kong

“The HKU-SCF FinTech Academy will cultivate future-fit talents and upskill bankers with disruptive technologies to capture the immense opportunities. HKU has been grooming world class FinTech talents through its immersive courses, scholarships and research.”

Ms Mary Huen, CEO, Hong Kong, Standard Chartered and Trustee, Standard Chartered Hong Kong 150th Anniversary Community Foundation

“The HKU-SCF FinTech Academy will become one of the most sought-after platforms for careers in the new era of 5G, digital currencies and new infrastructure.”

Jason Chiu, Founder and CEO, Cherrypicks

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January 2021

Photo about HKU-SCF FinTech Academy Plaque Unveiling Ceremony
Photo about HKU-SCF FinTech Academy Plaque Unveiling Ceremony
Photo about HKU-SCF Scholarships