First-in-the-Family Education Fund recipient, Ivy FUNG, an Arts Student, immensed herself in her interest – documentary production when she went on an exchange at Northwestern University in Chicago. This is her very first trip outside Hong Kong. She had an internship in Kindling Group, a Chicago-based documentary media and further her pursuit in visual journalism. Her first documentary “Chicago’s Smoothest” has been awarded “Best of Medill” in her exchange university. “For the first time, I left home for months and saw the world from the other end. This experience has not just changed me, but it has made stronger my pursuit in creative storytelling – and for that I am genuinely grateful to the FIFE Fund!”

Another recipient Dennis YEUNG from Mechanical Engineering participated in British Model Flying Association (BMFA) model plane flying competition in the UK. “In the early stage of manufacturing, the team was really frustrated but we finally we made it through trial and error! We had the 5th place out of 17 teams. Every time when I saw our airplane take-off and flied up to the sky, I felt elated! The airplane symbolised our teamwork and spirit. I would never forget every failure and success I experienced with the team.”

Like Ivy and Dennis, YUEN Sing Hin, a BBA student, had a life changing experience volunteering in Brasov, Romania where he taught local school kids English and appreciation of different cultures. He truly treasured this experience during which he made several breakthroughs. “With the daily practice, my English improved a lot. I become more open-minded and eager to step out of my comfort zone. I started to understand about the world from a global perspective.”

Equal Learning Opportunities

Launched in 2008, the First-in-the-Family Education Fund supports students who are the first generation in their families to attend university to take part in different extra-curricular activities to enrich their university experiences. To date, over 3,200 students have benefited from the Fund.

Photo of First-in-the-Family Education Fund
Photo of First-in-the-Family Education Fund
Photo of First-in-the-Family Education Fund
Diagram of First-in-the-Family Education Fund

August 2019