With its long history of building a better Hong Kong and supporting tertiary education, The Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) is committed to nurturing young talents and encouraging students to pursue their dreams. This year, twelve local HKU students were awarded the HSBC Hong Kong Scholarships and some shared their own stories with us.

Oliver Tse (BBA (Law), LLB Year 2) is the first member of his family to pursue a university education. During his secondary years, he did not have the opportunity to attend tutorial classes due to financial constraints. Through hard work and determination, Oliver was admitted to HKU and now actively helps secondary students master necessary exam skills by producing online revision videos and study notes for them to download for free. “I hope students like me will be able to attend tutorials at home!” said Oliver. He has plans to make use of the scholarship to extend this idea to promoting legal knowledge within the community.

“Being environmental friendly is not just about protecting the Earth itself, but also about protecting human beings and communities at the same time.” Even Leung‘s (BSc Year 3) love for nature was instilled in her by her father, who works at the HKSAR Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department. She aspires to work in the environmental research field and has been involved in research concerning a critically endangered plant. Even hopes to use the scholarship to embark on a study tour in South Africa.

“I am really blessed and I am proud to have grown up in such a family,” said Jessie Ho (BSc Year 3), who was born into a single parent family. Despite having limited resources, her mother fully supports her daughter in her pursuit to become a researcher. Jessie is currently involved in gene editing platform research under the HKU’s Undergraduate Research Fellowship Programme and aspires to become an expert in disease biology. With the scholarship, she will be undertaking studies in Italy.

July 2018

Photo about HSBC Hong Kong Scholarships
Photo about HSBC Hong Kong Scholarships