“I hope this Scholarship will have a positive impact on people’s lives. With that help, they can go on to do remarkable things and help other people too.”

Ms Chau Sin-wo

Born and raised in Chengdu, Ms Chau Sin-wo 周善和 did not attend school due to family circumstances. She came to Hong Kong in the 1980s with nothing to her name. With perseverance and faith, she managed to work her way from doing low-paid jobs to building a successful business in Hong Kong.

She established the Chau Sin Wo Scholarship for Medical Students 周善和醫科生獎學金 to perpetuate her lifelong commitment to education. With this Scholarship, Ms Chau wants to help young people to have access to the opportunities she never had when she was young.

January 2018

Photos of Ms Chau Sin-wo