As a part of the efforts to internationalize the learning environment at HKU, three students from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay took part in a research internship programme offered by the HKU Department of Chemistry in the summer of 2017. This collaboration would not have materialised without the support of the Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC) in Hong Kong, which generously covered the students’ travel costs and subsistence during their stay at HKU. It was hoped that, through the 10-week internship, these students will take home enriched perspectives and knowledge in their research fields.

“The best part of the internship was the interactions with my fellow students and professors. I learned new experiments and methods in the field of Nanotechnology. I hope to apply what I learned to my work at home and improve my overall research skills.”

Mr Yash Mandowara

“I have made new friends, experienced a new culture, and learnt new skills. Above all the greatest joy was being able to contribute something worthwhile to the on-going research at HKU.”

Mr Soham Mukhopadhyay

“I would like to pay special thanks to the Department of Chemistry and the ICC, which provided me with a wonderful learning opportunity.”

Mr Balraj Bellamwar

September 2017

Photo of Research Internship Internationalized the HKU Learning Environment