Premised on the belief that “many brilliant local young people are full of extraordinary talent and social aspiration, and are constantly searching for opportunities to realise their potential”, The D. H. Chen Foundation established The D. H. Chen Foundation Scholarship Program, aiming to nurture, empower and connect promising and insightful leaders for Hong Kong. Among the twenty-two brightest scholars in Hong Kong to receive The D. H. Chen Foundation Scholarship were six HKU students.

The Scholarship programme is an initiative that recognises deserving students who combine their intellect and humanitarian ethos of social service to drive impact for a better tomorrow. It offers comprehensive support to Scholars in their pursuit of different academic and professional goals. Apart from the financial assistance given to the Scholars during the full course of their studies, which also covers their expenses for enrichment experiences, a diversity of programmes will also be offered to foster the Scholars’ social awareness and engagement. Features include social service exposure, mentorship, a scholars’ network, an annual award dinner, and an exclusive gathering with the President of the Scholars’ University.

“The Scholarship means much more to me than financial support. It not only provides me with the opportunity to be mentored by professionals, to meet other talented scholars, and to go on academic exchange, more importantly it is a recognition of my goals and a motivation for me to soar higher and reach greater heights,” said Yuki Ip Hoi-Kei (MBBS Year 2), a Scholar who aspires to practice humanitarian medicine and work for Médecins Sans Frontières in the future.

Professor Peter Mathieson also extended his congratulations to the Scholars: “With their enthusiasm and natural ability to lead, the future leaders nurtured through this collaborative scholarship scheme will be able to meet their fullest potential and contribute wholly to the betterment of society and the world at large.”

November 2016

Photo about the D. H. Chen Foundation Scholarship Program
Photo about the D. H. Chen Foundation Scholarship Program