Some said that it is an era in which all it takes to be successful is to be born with a silver spoon in your mouth. Some said that it is an age on which chasing one’s dreams is nearly impossible. But the partners of ChinaHongKong IP Limited share the common belief that the chances of upward mobility are available if youngsters study hard and better equip themselves; therefore, they decided to set up the ChinaHongKong IP Scholarship (中港知識產權獎學金) at HKU in recognition and support of deserving and needy students from the Faculties of Arts and Social Sciences.

All the nine company partners, including five HKU graduates, are from modest families and some were first-in-the–family university students. They succeeded in getting a higher education, and through hard work they paved the way for their own career success.

Understanding university life represents a transition time that comes with both excitement and an array of emotional growth, the partners want to encourage youngsters with their own stories and give them a boost. They hope students can use the scholarship to enrich their learning experience so when they leave their alma mater upon graduation they will be ready to embrace new challenges with resilience.

March 2017

Photo of ChinaHongKong IP Scholarship