Since its launch benefaction in 2011, the Innovation and Technology Scholarship Award Scheme has honoured 150 creative and innovative young people in the past five years. The Scheme aims to provide recognition to outstanding local undergraduates as well as giving them the opportunity to widen their exposure and encouraging them to pursue science and technology as a lifelong career.

Out of twenty five recipients selected this year, seven are HKU students. They will have the privilege of participating in a series of programmes, comprising of overseas/mainland attachments, mentorship, service projects, and local internships. It is hoped that these eye-opening opportunities will spark the students’ innovative and entrepreneurial spirit and unleash their potential so they may contribute to the betterment of society in the future.

Congratulations to the following HKU students!

Name Curriculum Intended Programme
Ms Choy Lok-Yee Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (Yr 2) Imperial College London (Revolutions in Biomedicine Summer Programme)
Mr Hong Jia-Lin Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences (Yr 2) The University of Edinburgh (Veterinary Medicine & Surgery)
Mr Jin You-Chuan Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (Yr 2) Stanford University (Research attachment at Departments of Medicine and Radiology)
Mr Ng Argens Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science (Yr 3) Stanford University (Summer School)
Mr Ng Tsz-Wai, Jason Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering (Yr 2) University College London (Engineering in Civil Engineering)
Miss Yeung Ho, Sonia Bachelor of Science (Yr 3) The University of Edinburgh (Science in Geosciences)
Miss Yon Jun-Yu Bachelor of Dental Surgery (Yr 4) University of Birmingham (Research project in Dental Restorative Materials)

April 2016

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