HSBC has a long history of nurturing young elites through various scholarships schemes such as the Innovation and Technology Scholarship Award Scheme and the HSBC Overseas Scholarship Scheme. The Schemes look for different qualities in awardees, aiming to encourage these bright young talents to reach their full potential and make contributions to the community in the future.

The Innovation and Technology Scholarship Award Scheme puts an emphasis on the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of students. Awardee Jonathan Ching King-Him (BEng(CompSc)/BBA(IS), Year 2) shared with us his dreams as a technological entrepreneur. “I firmly believe that innovation and technology will be the most powerful forces to change the world and hence I would like to take a further step to establish a global community that connects student entrepreneurs in the US, Israel and Hong Kong.” Putting his aspiration into action, Jonathan joined the Techcracker trip to Israel in 2015 to interact with Israel students while gaining insights from local startup community.

“We are trained to plan meticulously and be risk-averse about business decisions as a Business major, but the trip taught me the Hebrew spirit of “Chutzpah”, which means “to be fearless”, and this is what it takes to be truly innovative and entrepreneurial.” Jonathan is going to the University of California in the coming semester and he believes that this experience will help him understand more about the startup culture in the US and he will work with students there to expand the community.

On the other hand, the HSBC Overseas Scholarship Scheme values students’ willingness to contribute to the Hong Kong community. “Coming from a poor single-parent new immigrant family, I have reflected deeply on the widening gap between rich and poor. I wish to found a NGO specialising in poverty alleviation in the future, with myself being an exemplar. As such, I hope more supporting hands can be offered to self-motivated yet poor kids,” said Cheng Tak-Wai (BBA(IBGM), Year 2). He will be studying at Harvard University and he hopes that the exchange experience will broaden his horizons and give him inspirations about how to help others using the knowledge he has acquired.

HSBC scholarships and Innovation & Technology Scholarship Award Scheme are opened for application in the first semester. Refer to here for application details!

November 2015

Photo about Innovation and Technology Scholarship Award Scheme
Photo about Innovation and Technology Scholarship Award Scheme