Sam & Jasmine’s Scenario

Sam is a student adviser of the Social Science Faculty. One of his advisees is called Jasmine, who is a non- local first-year BSocSci student. She has excellent academic result in high school and has an entrance scholarship.

Jasmine is home sick and feeling lonely in this new environment. She has never left her hometown before coming to Hong Kong. She does not like to socialize hence she can only count on 1-2 friends that she found trustworthy. Language barriers that she is facing in
Hong Kong also frustrate her.

Jasmine finds it difficult to make friend with her new classmates and find partner for her group project. After she finally joins a group at the very end, she finds it frustrating to communicate with her group mates who seems not caring as much as she does on the group project. In particular, Jasmine contacts Sam about some “free-riders” in her group project and how she needs to shoulder most of the work.

When her academic results for the first semester are released, she earns a GPA of 2.6. She thinks her performance is much lower than her expectation and her glamorous past. In particular, she is worried whether she could get any favorable offer to go on exchange.

Sam notices that Jasmine is becoming more and more anxious. She is very upset about her underperformance and the possible scholarship termination. She mentioned that she is suffering from her insomnia and her worries about letting her parents’ down. After reading week, Sam tries to contact Jasmine several times but receives no reply from her.

Group Discussion Questions

After the Breakout Session, each Group needs to send 1 representative sharing with the whole group on your group’s findings –

Group 1: What issues have you identified?

Group 2: What are the causes of Jasmine’s problems?

Group 3: If you are Sam, how are you going to advise Jasmine to cope with her study issues?

Group 4: What support do you think Jasmine need? Where can she go to get support?

Group 5: If your advisee does not reply to you, what would you do?